Friday, June 28, 2013

Horns'n'Hoofs Compilation - Psychedelic Techno Vol. 1 (Faxi Nadu track inside - FREE DOWNLOAD ALBUM!)

Psychedelic Techno Vol. 1

Very proud to be on this one with our track "Faxi Nadu - Plane Surfing" :)

Horns & Hoofs Entertainment Records is an independent label established in 2002 by the people behind Boshke Beats Records. With more than 60 releases in digital and CD format, this cutting edge label unites talented and unique artists all over the world, giving them a chance to introduce psychedelic music lovers all around the world to their perception of the innovative sound of today and tomorrow. Compiled by Anyer Quantum, Psychedelic Techno Vol. 1 features selections from various digital singles released on Horns & Hoofs over the last few years. The intention is to give you a taste of our new artists and their original vision of the psychedelic techno genre. Artwork by Inga Burina. Mastered by Volker Jakubzik (Alic) except for “Agent M”, mastered by Peter Takacs.

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