Monday, December 19, 2011

Faxi Nadu - Live @ Darkotica Waren Germany 041111

* Title: Faxi Nadu - Live @ Darkotica Waren Germany 041111

This is the set i played in Waren, Germany at a party by Darkotica crew.

Specially conceived for this specific party, tracks and pieces of tracks are mixed fast from 150-170bpm.

Dedicate this set to Mathias G. for making it happen :-)

* Date: 041111
* Genre: Psytrance
* Length: 2hr55min28sec
* Format: 320kbps mp3
* Tracklist:

faxi nadu - i am the night escape vs faxi remix
faxi nadu - temporal control
faxi nadu - star one noized remix
xenomorph - silimaki murder toolkit faxi nadu remix
noized - chainsaw paranoia faxi nadu remix
faxi nadu - in 1861
faxi nadu - fight the future
faxi nadu - take cover medea remix
faxi nadu - second in command original
faxi nadu - crisis
faxi nadu - bolt from the blue
faxi nadu - the others
faxi nadu - looking for girls
faxi nadu - star one lsdan remix
faxi nadu - pace of the space race
faxi and damagez - bad sugar
deflo - tio mate
faxi nadu - arrange my mind
faxi nadu - in the soon after
faxi nadu - the deep
faxi nadu - missing puzzle
overdream - ultramarine faxi remix
faxi nadu and damagez - for the fire
sandman - end of the world
faxi nadu - lessions in scifi
faxi nadu - remember the alamo
faxi nadu - thoughts of a troubled girl
faxi nadu - rambo of the mind
noized - its an evil machine faxi nadu remix
faxi nadu - i am the night noized remix
faxi nadu - servalan wins
tortured brain - the dealer
faxi nadu - indian remedy
faxi nadu - green dune
faxi nadu - this one time at band camp
noized - walking on corpse faxi nadu remix
faxi nadu - spiritual gameboy
quirk - ping
faxi nadu - zhentarin
faxi nadu - second in command chemical reaction remix
melovskys - evolution number 9
syntezia - microman faxi nadu remix

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gotta be the cutest remix I ever made - Golden Axe!

DJ Basilisk’s Free Music Top Ten: November 2011

November issue of Basilisk's chosen gems released on ektoplazm. Honored to have my tune "The Deep" included here. Lots of cool tunes by other artists, have a look/listen, it is all superb free music!