Friday, September 30, 2011

The Last Kick of your Life - FB Album release event page

Facebook event for the album release:

Faxi Nadu - Name Your BPM (Faxi 2011 tracks + Goa)

Faxi Nadu - Name Your BPM (Faxi 2011 tracks + Goa)

* Title: Faxi Nadu - Name Your BPM
* Date: 280911
* Genre: Psytrance / Oldschool Goa
* Length: 95:07
* Format: 320kbps mp3
* Tracklist:

faxi nadu - welcome to faxi nadu
faxi nadu - after people
faxi nadu - arrange my mind
faxi nadu - the deep
crop circles - full mental jackpot
faxi nadu -  space opera
faxi nadu -  missing puzzle
analog pussy - solipse technology
mindfield - circle of light
faxi nadu -  ultramarine
faxi nadu and damagez - for the fire
faxi nadu -  sands of fantasy
ominus - mindbender
syntezia - microman faxi nadu remix
sandman - natural born killer
hyperion - sunflower
man with no name - own the world
man with no name - teleport intro
faxi nadu - temporal control
artifact303 - levitation device
syntezia - chatotic alien faxi nadu remix
ppk - resurrection syn sun remix
faxi nadu - golden axe 2011 remix

Loads of tunes from my album "the last kick of your life", with some oldschool/newschool goa stuck in there :-)

twilight set from nighttime through dusk and daylight.

I was experimenting with beat mixing and bpms, exported this set in 140, 145, 150 versions.

I think the tracks sound the best in the 145bpm version, but all are uploaded:




Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life is a sine wave...

life is a sine~wave.... what goes around comes around. if you don't believe in karma you are either young or naive :) keep your soul clean, live your life in peace with your surroundings, and always dream, don't let your heart become cynical, ever! ♥

Faxi Nadu - Arrange My Mind (track from upcoming album)

Lots of growling acid from a Freebass 303 clone, swirling theramin sounds, and a vague oldschool uk-vinyl vibe.

Have a listen!