Friday, June 14, 2013

Faxi Nadu - Doric Prime - ALBUM OUT NOW ! ! ! Grab your LIMITED EDITION CD NOW !

Faxi Nadu - Doric Prime - ALBUM OUT NOW ! ! ! Grab your LIMITED EDITION CD !

Deep sounds, nirotic, very mysterious. none of that over the top hindu stuff to be found, just raw electronic psychedelia tripped to its very essence. Think of it as psychedelic idm for the 4/4 techno and trance crowd.

Designed to sound good - like in the good old days - on your hi-fi system, this is not an iPhone type of album. Pop this in a nice system to let the dynamics and space shine through.

This album comes EXCLUSIVELY on CD and only from Mathematician Records directly.!faxi-nadu---music/c1qax

Artist: Faxi Nadu
Title: Doric Prime
Label: Mathematician Records
Genre: Techno / Post-Techno
Date: June 2013
Format: CD
Length: 63:55

1. Faxi Nadu - Signs And Wonders (6:07)
2. Faxi Nadu - Lonely Among Us (8:48)
3. Faxi Nadu - For You And Me (6:06)
4. Faxi Nadu - Forever Drifting (10:38)
5. Faxi Nadu - Shuttle Columbia Heroes (6:31)
6. Faxi Nadu - Beyond Hypnotic Levels (5:02)
7. Faxi Nadu - Quilted Threads (5:10)
8. Faxi nadu vs. Grind Disco - Short Story (4:47)
9. Faxi Nadu - Faceless Search (6:07)
10. Grind Disco - Echos (Faxi Nadu Remix) (4:39)

Written and produced by Yaron Eshkar with Oss Vaisband
Tracks 8 and 10 in collaboration with Maayan Peer
Mastering by Manifold Studio
Album graphics by Algorithm Tester

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