Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Faxi Nadu - Ultimate Scope Modular - Jan 2016 Version


This is a collection of patches for Creamware's Modular 4 system and Adern Flexor 3 extention, by Yaron Eshkar aka Faxi Nadu / Ocean Star Empire / Elmooht.

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* this product is for the usb flash drive version with bonuses that is sent by post mail!

Full content of your 8GB USB stick with INCLUDED BONUSES -
- Ultime Scope Modular Jan 2016 Version -1132 Patches / 1.3GB
- Faxi's Sample Stash Samplepack - 1728 files / 1.34GB
- Faxi's Formula Two Samplepack - 1449 files /1.91GB
- Faxi Nadu - The Way Back (2014 album)
- Ocean Star Empire - Stasis Yoga Producer Edition (project and album) - 1.5GB

Faxi's Ultimate Scope Modular
Various patches from starter templates and simple tools, to full fledged synths , noodles and fx racks - form a solid platform for quick synthesis and processing with modular. These patches contain no preset files. Feel free to use these patches as you see fit.

Latest Version: Jan 2016
1132 Patches / 1.3GB

Sonic Core Scope Project PCI System or Sonic Core X-ite and above
Modoular IV sonic-core.net
Adern Flexor III www.adern.com
3rd party modules (avaialble at scopeusers forums.scopeusers.com)

Zarg Music RedDwarf modules www.zargmusic.com
Mod1 www.modularsynth.co.uk

Includes patches from the follwing former packs:
- Four Corners Mod Pack
- One Tree Modular Pack
- Faxi The Third
- United Faxi Planets Modular Pack
- Faxi Modular 2015 Pack

Included folders:
- drum seqs
- drums
- fx
- granular
- lo fi
- mod 1
- modular insert
- noise
- noodles
- pedal boards
- red dwarf
- starters
- switch and matrix
- synths
- teacher
- tools
- toys