Monday, June 23, 2014

Faxi Nadu and Ocean Star Empire - Summer Solstice 2014 DI.FM

Originally broadcast at DI.FM Psytrance channel 210614

Just a little history as some people on the original broadcast's posting have mentioned. As Faxi Nadu I produce music for over a decade. In 2008 I took almost a three years break from production and at that time hosted a trance radio show, made some parties and all that. From that time come the various oldschool goa sets that are floating online :) Faxi Nadu music started basically as silly nintendoish noodles and went through and still is going through constant change, one of the things I pride on is that every one of our albums is a totally different story. In 2011 I met Oss who became both my partner in music and my wife and now the Faxi Nadu name is both of us. She has progressively taken part since The Last Kick of Your Life album and today she is a full partner in crime :) In 2013 Nuno Muacho (Nomad Moon from Portugal), Leander Winkler (Killik from Germany) and I met online and started to talk about music and from that the Ocean Star Empire project was born. Leander has left the group after the debut album, but we have been joined by Kyle Ramos (Bacchanalian Bass from the USA). There is a Faxi Nadu album waiting in the wings for 2015, and we are 6 tracks into the next Ocean Star Empire one. Also at the moment Oss and I are working on a live act where we perform REAL live with synths and controllers and jam the music.

Here is the complete tracklist of the Solstice Set.

Ocean Star Empire - Arrival (The Purest Form 2014)
Faxi Nadu - After People  (The Last Kick of your Life 2011)
Faxi Nadu - In Another Life (In Another Life 2012)
Manny Zagri - Absence Mmakes the Heart Go Yonder (Faxi Remix) (2013 unrl)
Faxi Nadu - Fusion Platform (The Way Back 2014)
Reefer Decree - Target Practice (Faxi Nadu Remix) (2014 unrl)
Kolishin - Fingerprints (Faxi Nadu Remix) (Never Denied 2013)
Ocean Star Empire - Three Dots On a Map (The Purest Form 2014)
Ocean Star Empire - How Small We Are (The Purest Form 2014)
Faxi Nadu - Tears of the Morning Flower (unrl -The Dangling Thread 2015)
Faxi Nadu - The Other Day (The Way Back 2014)
Faxi Nadu - Half a Ship in a Bottle (The Way Back 2014)
Killik - Spaetzle (Ocean Star Empire Remix) (The Purest Form 2014)
Ocean Star Empire - Woven Drops (The Purest Form 2014)
Ocean Star Empire - Rain From Within (The Purest Form 2014)
Bacchanalian Bass - Astroidial Artifacts (Ocean Star Empire Remix) (unrl)
Syntezia - Chaotic Alien (Faxi Nadu Remix) (Free Download on SC 2008)
Ocean Star Empire - Nuno's Abduction (The Purest Form 2014)
Syntezia - Microman (Faxi Nadu Remix)  (Free Download on SC 2008)
TG Virus - Kilomix 98 (Faxi Nadu 2012 Classic Trance Remix) (Free Download)
Faxi Nadu - Who We Are (Who We Are 2012)
Faxi Nadu - Ancient Explorers (Kosmicheskaya Mechta 2012)
Faxi Nadu - Golden Axe (2011 Remix) (Free Download on SC)
Faxi Nadu feat. Eli Marshak - Boundless Love (Remix) (unrl 2009)
Ocean Star Empire - All Good Things (The Purest Form 2014)

You can find The Purest Form and The Way Back on bandcamp, still have a few cds left -