Saturday, April 5, 2014

Harmonic Layering and Hypnotic Trance

we've been exploring some "new" production methods and way of thinking lately, and when we tell our friends about it they indicate they don't really get what we mean. it is in strict terms "progressive" but the end result doesn't have a lot in common with the prog sound and vibe.

instead of working with a short loop and expanding it, we are starting with a really long loop to begin with - 128, 256 bars. each channel evolves within that loop, some can be as hooks and some can be with evolving scoring, but the idea is that the automations evolve and dynamically change each channel, almost all the channels have a ton of delay with massive feedback, and as more channels are introduced the interaction between them creates harmonizing and story. the channels pretty much all run at the same time together, with little interference in editing, for many minutes. there is little room for a huge bass or a lot of drums because the synth layers "steal" the spectrum. the snare and hats evolution and interaction provide the progression of the groove.

end result - almost a new subgenre - part goa, part prog, part something else. there is no instant gratification smash-the-dancefloor type of vibe with this, but it is very deep and mushroomy....  you get something that is both oldschool and simplistic, yet clever and refined, i would dare say "classy" and very musical, like waves of an ocean.