Friday, March 14, 2014

Yamaha An1x Review / Messing Around / Demo

The Yamaha AN1x is a beast..... and here is why --->

"The voice architecture, on a superficial level, resembles a typical twin-oscillator plus multi-mode filter design. Available waveforms include PWM-capable saw and square, saw2 (behaves in a different way than "saw" when used with PWM), a saw/square "mix", additional waves (Inner1-3) for OSC1 in oscillator sync mode, triangle and sine by altering the Edge of pulse waves (or any wave for the sine), and various intermediate waves available through Edge. For each Scene, amplitude, filter, and pitch envelopes affect the combined two oscillators on a per-note basis, and two LFOs, the first with more capabilities, affect all notes at once (i.e. monophonic LFOs). The AN1x also offers a non-resonant high-pass filter in series with the resonant multi-mode filter, feedback from the VCA back to the mixer of oscillators before the main filter, and frequency modulation that can be used alongside oscillator sync. Finally, a digital multi-effect, reverb and delay system can process the output of the Scene(s)." -wikipedia