Sunday, February 2, 2014

Faxi Nadu set @ Regular Resonance Podcast is online

Our set for the Regular Resonance podcast is up! Lots of new music from the latest releases as well as some stuff from 2012. Been asked to provide a write up for this, kinda got carried away and had fun describing every track :) have a nice listen and read!

Faxi Nadu started out as myself and up until 2011 it was just me. Since getting together with Oss FN Vaisband she has slowly begun taking part in the music, and now she is an absolutely integral part of the project. We are into various things and produce on a spectrum from drones through chill and techno, while always returning to our trance roots. We love it psychedelic, but for our tastes recent trends in psytrance have gone too extreme and into rigid formulas on all fronts - be it the dark side, the prog side, the neo-goa type stuff... Our concept is to tell stories with music, keeping something from the oldschool goa feel without being too corny, and going for a clean sound without being too plastic. We want to present tracks that have a unique story, tracks that you remember after hearing, and music that will take you places even when you are not on the dancefloor. We feel that often great intricacy and beauty can be found in clever simplicity and strive for that.

For this set we have included music from our psytrance side coming out of various releases from the past two years, as well as two tunes from the Ocean Star Empire project we are a part of.


Faxi Nadu - Fusion Platform (The Way Back, Pure Chords 2014)
This is a track from our latest album The Way Back, a sort of goa inspired space tune with a lot of psychedelic sounds from the Scope DSP platform's modular system, as well as most of the lead synths coming from the platform's Minimax plugin.

Faxi Nadu - I Am The Night (E-Scape vs Faxi Remix) (Kosmicheskaya Mechta, Reactionary Faction Productions 2012)
The original version of this track was the first track on the 2008 album Modern Knight, so we found it fitting that this cool collaborative remix with E-Scape open up our Kosmicheskaya Mechta album from 2012. The story here is from a Twilight Zone episode, where slowly places around the world are engulfed by darkness, and this is due to the evil deeds and hateful nature of mankind.

Kolishin - Fingerprints (Faxi Nadu Remix) (Never Denied EP, Pure Chords 2013)
Taken from the Never Denied EP with Brent Malik. The EP consists of two originals from Kolishin and the two remixes to them by us, this one being my favorite. Lovely story told with Kolishin's sounds, and a cool round and dynamic analog bassline from our Doepfer Dark Energy II synth.

Ocean Star Empire - Three Dots On A Map (The Purest Form, Pure Chords 2014)
Ocean Star Empire is a group that came to life about one year ago through online discussions between myself, Nomad Moon and Killik. We started passing some stems around and got a few tracks going, and eventually our debut album The Purest Form was completed and we released it via Pure Chords in January 2014. Personally this is my favorite track on the album, mostly for the sotrytelling and layering, really proud of this one. When this was ready I think we first realized we got something going and should keep on making tracks and make an album. The Yamaha An1x is a beast here, all those cute little resonances flying all around come from that synth.

Ocean Star Empire - How Small You Are (The Purest Form, Pure Chords 2014)
There is a little sample in the begriming of our member Killik's voice saying "if we look, up to the sky, we realize, how small we are". I think this and Three Dots On A Map are the best interpretations of the sort of space opera stories we were going for in the album and also is a great example of how our individual styles merge.

Faxi Nadu - The Other Day (The Way Back, Pure Chords 2014)
Another track from our latest album The Way Back. Extensive usage of the original Access Virus and Yamaha DX200 synths. This track does something special to me, can't really explain what, sends me drifting, far, far away. Beauty in simple truths.

Faxi Nadu - The Way Back (The Way Back, Pure Chords 2014)
So what is this? Goa? Prog? Club? Psychedelic? Well, its a happy bouncy tune, with a bright and atmospheric sound and story. Drifting around, without a care in the world, maybe a little childish, but also assertive and bold  Made mostly with synths from the Scope DSP system and a few plugins. This one is also taken (obviously) from our The Way Back album.

Faxi Nadu - Finish The Course (Who We Are EP, Soundkraft 2012)
This was released on our Who We Are EP via Soundkraft Records in 2012. I usually never play this track, dont know why really, I somehow have it in my mind that people won't like or understand it, but lately I am digging it again. Drums and bassline were made with Rebirth RB338 and most of the synth sounds come from a Nord Modular and a Novation K-Station. The story of this track as told by the vocal samples is taken from Star Trek DS9, from an episode in which Sisko feels all defeated and wants to quit his job, then realizes he should stfu and man up to what has to be done, finish what he started and hold his head high. Oh, and there is also a rooster sample from Baldur's Gate

If you enjoyed these tunes have a look at our Bandcamps for the most recent CDs:

There are over 120 tracks and mixes on our soundcloud profile, most of them full tracks and many of them free to download, feel free to dig in there as well!

Thanks for having a listen! Until next time, keep stargazing, much love!