Sunday, October 27, 2013

Faxi Nadu - Faxi's Formula Two Samplepack (sounds for producers)

Faxi Nadu - Faxi's Formula Two Samplepack

This is a sample cd project by Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband aka Faxi Nadu.

* Demo File includes a few sounds from each folder

Containing a whole arsenal of electronic sounds covering many areas of synthesis, perfect for any electronic music genre and especially for those looking for great unique sounds - geared towards the psychedelic, techno and ambient mindset. This pack is also a perfect fit for those of you coding games and aps and for layering moods of sounds for video productions.

Sources include a bunch of hardware synths, recordings, Sonic Core DSP modular and fx processing and extensive software manipulations. All sounds are handmade - no batch processing used. This means each sample is prfectly snaped and faded with compressed and smooth peaks and with up to 4db of headroom.

Buying this samplepack grants you the right to use them in your own prodution as you see fit - music, videos, games...

Included are:

187 drones
76 kicks
723 unique percussions
95 quirky stabs
368 sound effects

1449 files, 1.91gb in total

All samples are in 24 or 16bit. 44100hz wav format.

The pack comes as a digital download. Allow up to 24 hours for delivery, usually much sooner.

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