Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Faxi Nadu - One Tree Modular Pack (For Sonic-Core Scope Modular users. FREE download)

Faxi Nadu - One Tree Modular Pack


Release: August 2013

This is a collection of patches for Sonic Core's (Creamware) DSP Modular system.
Some of these are useful utilities while others are more elaborate and interesting synthesis tools.
These patches are shareware, feel free to use them any way you see fit in your creations and modify them any way you wish. All patches by Yaron Eshkar aka Faxi Nadu. If you find these useful, spread the word about Faxi Nadu music.


- At the very least a 6dsp system to access most patches. Prefarbly at least a 12 dsp system to really have fun. Many of the patches are monophonic in concept, but for polyphonic work, you will need LOTS of dsp as some patches are very heavy even in monophonic mode. As a general rule, the bigger the file size the more dsp the patch will likely consume when loaded.

- For All patches:
- Modular 3
- Adern Flexor V1 (1.5)

Highly recommended regardless, download all the available 3rd party free modular modules.


- Copy the main folder contents to your SFP directory
- If you already have other Faxi Nadu packs on your systen, just extract the folders to the appropriate subfolders. To download more patches visit Faxi Nadu website's synthesis section

This one is a tad smaller than my usual pack as I was working on this pack when I got Mod!V and then again FlexorIII, so i decided to just release these for the benefit of those still with Mod3 and Flexor1.5, already working on a new pack with the extra modules that will be much bigger.

Some of these patches are variations on patches from my other packs, as it was intended at first to be a much bigger collection.

*** Note - the folders in the zip are structured to be extracted into the Modular2 modules/patches folders, so if you use modularIV just make sure you extract to the right places!