Monday, January 14, 2013

Faxi Sample Stash Vol 1 - Samplepack for producers

Faxi Sample Stash Vol 1

This is a collection of some samples I have made and used over the years. Covers many areas of synthesis from a whole lot of kicks, quirky percs and hits, drones and soundscaping tools, sound fx and more. Sources include various hardware and software synths, sonic core modular, some instruments and some quirky microphone recordings. Most of these samples are NOT normalized or otherwise maxed out volume like most samples you find today, rather freely dynamic and as I have sampled and processed them for use in my own productions. Unique and personal sounds.

Buying this sample pack grants you the right to use them in your productions - music, videos, games, movies.

5 Euro Digital Download - Zip file link to the download of the package via a Google Drive download, instant access once order is processed.

1728 files, 1.34gb total.

Samples are in either 16 or 24 bit, 44100 format.

Included Folders:

- Didje
- Drones
- Kick Loops
- Mic and FX
- One Shot Drums
- Perc Loops
- Pron
- PU Packs
- Scanners
- Synth SFX

Digital Download