Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Upcoming Faxi Nadu releases for October - December

Who We Are EP - 4 track psytrance album via Soundkraft Records.

Late Haze EP - 4 track free to download melancholic minimal techno album via Horns & Hoofs.

Grind Disco vs Faxi  Nadu - Creamware Sluts - pure minimal techno tune via a Berlin Aufnahmen compilation.

Overdream - Liquid Dots (Faxi Nadu vs Manny Zagri Remix - hard and twisted yet euophoric psytrance tune via a Sonic Tantra compilation.

Grind Disco vs Faxi Nadu - Rogue Planet - hard prog psy/techno tune via a Biomechanix compilation.

there is also talk of another EP at Soundkraft, and another psytrance compilation in the brew... stay tuned <3