Monday, August 20, 2012

Faxi Nadu - Nord Modular Pack B (Nord Modular Patches)

Faxi Nadu - Nord Modular Pack B

This is a collection of patches for Clavia's Nord Modular system.
Some of these are useful utilities while others are more elaborate and interesting synthesis tools.
These patches are shareware, feel free to use them any way you see fit in your creations and modify them any way you wish. All patches by Yaron Eshkar aka Faxi Nadu. If you find these useful, spread the word about Faxi Nadu music.


- At least a base original Nord Modular. Most of these patches are VERY heavy and will require almost all of the DSP on an originaln NM. Thus, a Micromodular won't be able to load most of these, especially the synths. Furthermore, due to the heavy DSP load you will be able to use most of the patches in monophonic mode only.

Any love, comments, suggetions, bugs, insults, cool presets/sounds/modifications you make to these:


For those that missed the first part here it is: