Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nord Lead Clone and Sherman Filterbank Clone

Faxi Nord Lead Clone with Addons - For Clavia Nord Modular

Pretty close to a mint clone of a Nord Lead, but with additional LFOs, and instead of a gate sequencer, a pattern LFO. Also lacks the chorus and delay effects, but the phaser is in there. The routing of the modulators is a bit different due to the fact I added extra LFOs. Otherwise it is pretty much a Lead. I have also routed all 18 Nord Modular assignable knobs, so even though you will need the pc for editing, you can still do tons to the sound with the knobs. Download Faxi Nord Lead Clone

Faxi Centurion Filterbank - For SonicCore DSP Modular

This one is a Sherman Filterbank clone, without the harmonic links between the filters. I have found a way to implement this, but it makes the patch much bigger and decided it is more streamlined and useful this way. I might post harmonically linked filters in another patch in the future. For this one you also need the Adern Flexor addon pack for SC Modular. Download Faxi Centurion Filterbank