Monday, September 22, 2014

Ocean Star Empire - Dots On Maps - Post Production team decided!

Proud to announce "Ocean Star Empire - Dots On Maps" album will be post-produced by THE TEAM - Maxim Makus Kurushyn for mastering, Hood Art for graphical design, Yael Eshkar for illustration, and Oz Ohayon for promo cds pressing. Excited! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Faxi Nadu - The Ambient File DJ Set 2011 - Over six hours of flowing, deep, introspective chill-out music for the soul

Faxi Nadu - The Ambient File DJ Set 2011

Ever wondered what do Biosphere, Mark Snow, Faithless, Vesica Piscis, Angelo Badalamenti, Elvis Presley, Miranda, Adham Shaik, Vivaldi, Scatman and Faxi Nadu have in common? Well, look no further....

<3 Over six hours of flowing, deep, introspective chill-out music for the soul <3

I was supposed to play this in this huge festival here in Israel that was setup on the beach. The dudes had it lined up so they had this huge full-on stage with about a million turbo sounds, then literally five meters from it the chill-out stage with two whimpy speakers, and another 5 meters to the other side the prog stage with another half million turbo sounds. How is someone supposed to chill while sandwiched between both stages is beyond me, let alone here the chill-out music ;)... anyways, as I was starting to play I made the horrible mistake of taking a chair from the chai area so I could chill, you know, with the chill-out music I was to play for seven hours. This led to screams by the chai people that the chairs are for costumers, and not for me, and that led to me giving them the finger and in true southpark fashion giving them the "screw you guys, i'm going home" treatment. I did get back home and record all the tracks and mini-sets and pieces I prepared into a set, and broke it down to 11 parts to manage a fun listening experience and an easier upload. The idea here was to provide a soundscaping experience and pay homage to some unique music I have come across from various sources and not just play the usual corny psy-chill loop. For me it feels like this is some of my best work putting together a full, rich journey, through various interpretations of "chill". So here you go :)

Here is the complete tracklist:

---part 1---
biosphere - houses on the hill
ishaq - cyandragonfly
yehuda poliker - late maybe early
ishaq - yu listen
enya - council of elrond
wonderland falling yesterday - yesterday's light circus

---part 2---
biosphere - fast atom escape
biosphere - heat leak
thom brenan - pond life
exuviae - forever and a day
vir unis - particle path
star sounds orchestra - new lyra
twins peaks - love theme

---part 3---
thomm brenan - mist
biosphere - hyperborea
exuviae - aquaphobia
spacecraft - the summon
vesica piscis remixed by elmooht - cathedral
vesica piscis remixed by elmooht - living crystal

---part 4---
adham shaik - journey to the sun
adham shaik - ganges by full moon
elmooht - monistary
viewing infinite space
black mizi pro duck sun - sun lug
biosphere - chukhung
biosphere - antennaria

---part 5---
porn sword tobbaco - sad bockshappy pussys
adham shaik - emergance
adham shaik - liquid evolution

---part 6---
elmooht - meldok
vidna obmana - spore
seti - beacon 8
the nightmare before christmas - opening
vivaldi - concerto no.3 in f 'l'autunno'
klaus doldinger - angrif
mike oldfield - tubular bells
elmooht - secrets in the snow

---part 7---
bernard herman - day the earth
cider groove - epitaph
elvis presly - are you lonesome tonight
dick danger - cycle
3x!13 - 01
3x!13 - slowly inside
pop - 2
mystical sun - waters of life
mystical sun - river goddess
nils petter molvaer - decisions
damagez - back east faxi nadu remix
elmooht - alyssa

---part 8---
elmooht - beam focus
chris meloche - track 1
brian eno - triennale
biosphere - as the sun kissed the horrizon
secede - ballroom arcade
elmooht - the river kingdom
biosphere - poa alpina
biosphere - two ocean plateau
spacecraft - galileo
elmooht vs dudi and damagez - unnamed
vir unis - glide
elmooht and dudi - malaki
elmooht - lab30 small bit

---part 9---
black mizi pro duck sun - mook
chris meloche
elmooht - orbital platform
chris meloche
klaus doldinger
nebulaII - tube
seti - journey
mark snow - x-files theme
angelo badalamenti - the secretary theme
black mizi pro duck sun - maklakaturim
tangerine dream - remote viewing

---part 10---
khonnor - megan's present
elmooht - unkown
faithless - last this day
three drives - greece2000
union jack -  watrerdrums
miranda - intro
faithless - nate's tune
robert miles - fable
phylum sinter - a conception serene remix
adham shaikh - sri kainchih temple bells

---part 11---
faxi nadu - tgl remix
scatman and bmp medley
oxygenfad - she's been around
elmooht - sortie
jega - inertia
faxi nadu - raphael's spirit remix
faithless - why go