Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Re-Release for FREE download Faxi Nadu and Friends - Star One Remixes from 2007

The third of the re-releases of Faxi Nadu music via Anomalistic Records Darkpsy Portal.

Link to the FREE download:

Star One is the second remix project to reach maturation on Faxi Island Records (Postunder Records outlet), after Second In Command in early 2007. We present you with ten delicious remixes of Faxi’s original minimaltech/psy tune Star One. On this one We have got some returning names on Faxi Island – LSDan, Fright Rate and Elmooht – and a bunch of new names to our label. We believe this album is truley a journey, with each remix taking you to a different destination into each of the artist’s minds. From DJ Hoax’s pumping UK techno vibes, through the bouncy trippy take by Skyhighatrist, and the deep and dark version by Noized – each remix is a new world of sound and color.

The project for the original tune was posted online, and artists could download the project and work thier own remix. The remixes were then collected, and it was decided that we will offer this album as cd and as a digital download.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Re-Release for FREE download - "Faxi Nadu and Friends - Second In Command Remixes" from 2007

Here is as promised the second of the free re-releases coming via Anomalistic Records.

Link to FREE download:

Original track and album mastering by Yaron Eshkar.

“How did you like command?” – Commander William T. Riker

This album comes to you as a climax of an interactive internet project. After making the original version, the project files were posted on the Faxi Nadu website, where artists could pick it up and work thier own version.
It was a pleasent surprise to see all the people who took up the task and all the special remixes that came out
of it.

Cover art by: Teodor Tudorica

Monday, July 15, 2013

Two tracks out soon via Tainted Buddah Record. Here goes the track promos

Two tracks coming soon at Tainted Buddah Records - the first a unique track with vibes across techno, house and psychedelic trance. Hear it to believe it :) The second of the two is a swirly, drifting and very deep psychedelic remix of our tune Cry Life by Manny Zagri. Both are very emotional with both an uplifting feeling and a hint of melancholia.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

VA - Against The Grain 2009 - Now for just $3 from Anomalistic Records !

You can now get the 2009 compilation "Against The Grain" on CD for a mere $3 from Anaomalistic Records !!!

Includes our track in collaboration with Noized - "Faxi Nadu - I Am The Night Color Me Black (Noized RMX)"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Re-Release for FREE download - "Faxi Nadu - Intelligence EP" from 2006

Over the course of the next month, once a week one of my older psy/darkpsy releases from the past will be re-released for free download via Anomalistic Records' darkpsy portal Includes - Intelligence EP, Second In Command Remixes album, Star One Remixes album, Long Lost Blake EP and possibly others!

Here goes the first one, "Faxi Nadu - Intelligence EP", originally released in 2006.

Info and download here:

Saturday, July 6, 2013

VA - Psychedelic Techno Vol. 1 - NUMBER 1 this month on Ektoplazm!

Mission acomplished!!! The compilation is number 1 for this month on Ektoplazm, with three weeks running in the number 1 weekly spot as well. 

Grab your FREE download of the entire compilation if you haven't today, with our track from the Late Haze EP - Plane Surfing included !

Faxi Nadu - Doric Prime - some pictures :)

Got my own album copies of Doric Prime today :)

Grab your LIMITED EDITION copy here:

Album promos: