Sunday, July 15, 2012

Faxi Nadu - Left in Leftfield Artist Set 150712 - IDM/Chill/Weirdness

IDM? Chill? Ambient? Illbient? Triphop? Experimental?

Call it what you will :) all sorts of downtempo music from me along with some collabs, from various releases from the past few years as well as some unreleased tunage, Downloadable! Enjoy :)


Faxi Nadu - Welcome To Faxi Nadu
Faxi Nadu feat. Oss and Dudi - Mystic Pages
Faxi Nadu - What Is This Thing (Elmooht Original Mix)
D-Fault - FS (BMP Vs. Faxi Nadu)
Faxi Nadu and Or Teppler - Ofelia
Faxi Nadu - The Last Kick Of Your Life
Faxi Nadu - Timeline Tracker
Faxi Nadu - Waking Moments
D-Fault - Artograph (BMP Vs. Faxi Nadu)
D-Fault - EQ
Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (The Ger Remix)
Oxygenfad and Faxi Nadu - Liberator
Faxi Nadu feat Dudi - Mono Poly
Faxi Nadu - Imagination

Monday, July 9, 2012

Faxi Magic Card! Mythic Rare :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

D-Fault - Artograph EP (BMP vs. Faxi Nadu) - Mini album from 2008

Some stuff I have been uploading - Here's the whole D-fault - Artograph EP. Back from 2008, BMP and Faxi Nadu. IDM/Glitchy/Ambient vibes, melancholic and strange, lots of modular and lots of arrange work.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Elmooht - Live at Lab30 Germany 2005

Live at Lab30 Fest in Augsburg, Germany, November 2005.

Nirotic, drifting ambient/exprimental show. Sweeping soundscapes, whispers, vague melodies, chants, and diffused urban sounds drone on hypnoticaly as the listener is taken on a mysterious journey within and without. Elmooht threads a dark and even scary tale, melting the gothic and holy with the futuristic, cynical cold of technology.

Uses Sonic Core Scope Modular, Yamaha DX200, 4 Cassette Tape Walkmans with field recordings of European cities, Scope Synths, Samplers.