Synthesis Tools - Samplepacks and Modular Patches

Faxi's Formula Two Samplepack

Containing a whole arsenal of electronic sounds covering many areas of synthesis, perfect for any electronic music genre and especially for those looking for great unique sounds - geared towards the psychedelic, techno and ambient mindset. This pack is also a perfect fit for those of you coding games and aps and for layering moods of sounds for video productions
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Faxi's Sample Stash

This is a collection of some samples I have made and used over the years. Covers many areas of synthesis from a whole lot of kicks, quirky percs and hits, drones and soundscaping tools, sound fx and more.
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Faxi's Korg ES1 Samplebank Pack Vol 1

This is a bank and samplepack for the Korg ES1 and ES1mkII samplers. Includes circa 650 samples in 10 banks and you get both the bank files and the individual sample files for use anywhere you please other than on the ES1. Sampling sources include various things from virtual analog and analog hardware synths, to sampling sessions banging various sports gear into each other and the floor in a yoga studio, to police scanners, to sampled porn turned hits and stabs, to dsp fx, to sampled growls with a mic, pots and cans in the kitchen, core kick-snare-hat sounds and more! 

Modular Patches

Faxi Nadu - Ultimate Scope Modular - Jan 2016 Version

A collection of over 1100 patches for Sonic Core's Scope Modular IV and Adern Flexor extention. Various patches from starter templates and simple tools, to full fledged synths , noodles and fx racks - form a solid platform for quick synthesis and processing with modular. These patches contain no preset files. Feel free to use these patches as you see fit. 

Faxi's Nord Modular Packs ABC

This is a collection of over 100 patches for Clavia's original Nord Modular (G1) system. Some of these are useful utilities while others are more elaborate and interesting synthesis tools. Buying these patches grants you permission to use them any way you see fit in your creations and modify them any way you wish. All patches by Yaron Eshkar aka Faxi Nadu. If you find these useful, spread the word about Faxi Nadu music.