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Faxi Nadu's Modular Crash Course 
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- Basic layout and workflow of Scope DSP System
- Why modular?
- Differences between modular system concepts
- Basic layout and workflow of Scope Modular System
- Modular components and signal chain.
- Modular tricks and unique modules

We will get in depth and build a variety of machines while explaining how and why things are done.


- That you will feel much more comfortable with synthesis in general, and be able to understand better what is going on behind the scenes of any synth.
- Getting you going in using modular synthesis.
- Providing you with concepts and tools to take your own modular ideas to the next level.
- Getting you addicted :)

We will be using the Sonic Core Scope DSP Platform and Modular System for this course. You absolutely do not need to own the system, as the concepts shown are valid for any modular system. Of course, you will get an in-depth look at the Scope Modular, and get acquainted with this very nice system. 

Complete Course Playlist:

Individual Parts:

Part 1 - Intro Presentation to Modulars and the Scope System 
Introduction to modular synthesis and the Scope system. Why modular, types of modulars, introduction to the Scope DSP Platform, introduction to Scope's modular, modular resources.

Part 2 - Course Overview and Modules Overview 
Course overview, Scope Modular operation within the Scope, quick module overview.

Part 3 - Modular basics - 1 osc synth design

Part 4 - Cloning Scope's Interpole Plugin with Modular 
Building an improved clone of the Scope system's Interpole filter plugin in a modular system.

Part 5 - Building a Classic 3 Osc Synth with Modular 
Building a tweaked classic 3 osc synth with modular using both the Novation K-Station and the Scope Minimax as general guides.

Part 6 - Building a Crazy Techno Theremin 
Building a device that goes from a classic Theremin to an insane psychedelic techno lead/fx/crazy machine.

Part 7 - Sync and Chaos 
Learning about osc sync and chaos lfos by building a lead/fx synth that makes use of these modules and methods

Part 8 - Noise, Glorious Noise 
Noise!!! Overview of a few amazing thigns you can do with just noise. Carpets of dronish sounds, percussions, crazy fx. Building a patch that does it all.

Part 9 - Sequenced Analog Drum Machine / Groovebox 
Introduction to sequencing and. how to set up daw synced sequencers. Using that to build an 8 channel analog style drum machine with sharp filtering and a quirky edge.

Part 10 - Sequemced Kick Synth 
Learning about synthesizing kicks, using gate logic, creating osc re-trigger and a little more on sequencing by building a sequenced kick synth.

Part 11 - Waveshaping and Modulating with Flexor 
A first glance at some interesting Flexor modules - unique lfos and a look at waveshapers - osc shapers, harmonic shapers, saturators. Building an fx oriented patch that can do leads and pads as well.

Part 12 - Building a Nord Lead Clone with FM 
Learning about Virtual Analog style FM and routing control signals by taking a look at and cloning Clavia's Nord Lead synth.

Part 13 - Building Glitch Machines 
Creative usage of sequencers, envelopes and switches in order to build a sequenced glitch/fx machine and a glitchy wavetable synth.

Part 14 - Filter Routing, Sub-Osc, Multi Segment Envelopes 
Quick rounding out of a few things common in subtractive synthesis that we have not touched on. Learning how to create a serial / parallel filter chain and how to easily implement a sub-osc, as well as a quick look at multi segment envelopes.

Part 15 - Freestyling with Modular Ambient Noodles 
Freestyling with modular. Ambient drones and noodles. Using modulated constant frequencies and random control generators to create ambient soundscapes.

Part 16 -  Combining Additive, FM, Granular,Subtractive Synthesis 1/2 
Additive synthesis overview, a bit on granular and more on fm.. Building a combination synth of additive, fm, granular and subtractive.

Part 17 -  Combining Additive, FM, Granular,Subtractive Synthesis 2/2 
Additive synthesis overview, a bit on granular and more on fm.. Building a combination synth of additive, fm, granular and subtractive.


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Faxi Nadu Synth Edit 3 Osc Synth Tutorial

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